As a Pamonanese Lady in Traditional Dress

Since childhood I lived in the district of Poso, of course I know the culture. Especially now, most of my friends are those who at least have Pamonanese ancestry.

Although I am not a Pamonanese, I am very keen to wear their traditional dresses. In every cultural event, the women look beautiful with their dress. With something that looks like a crown on the head called Tali Bonto.

I used to wear it when I attended a couple of shows when I was junior high or high school but somehow I can’t clearly remember the moment I am feeling happy. And also I don’t have any photos. I finally got a chance to take photos specifically though not for a special occasion😆😆 I actually rented this dress to wear at the Women School – Graduation Day in Tentena but I had one day to take pictures.

That day, I was applying make-up for myself and styling my hair by myself. I tried to look pretty with that dress🙂🙂 Then I had a little look like Pamonanese Lady.



DSC02251With Hyana, posed as 2 professional models. But still, FAILED😆😆





Last pic, a lil bit weird!


15 thoughts on “As a Pamonanese Lady in Traditional Dress

  1. Ha Winda, you look very pretty! Thanks for sharing a link to my website, but I don’t think people will understand what i’m writing! I promised Lian to translate it to english, so then I will send you a copy!

    1. Really sorry hahaha ini kan blog gue jadi agak narsisan dikit dengan majang lebih banyak foto sendiri :p
      Yuk kamunya juga ngeblog biar bisa puas-puasin sama fotomu ngahahahakss…

  2. Hi winda, btw punya motif / corak pamona? ato foto pre-wed yang pake pakean adat? butuh buat Tugas Akhir. thanks

    1. Hi, Agus.
      Well, saya pikir motif Pamona gak ada deh. Baju adatnya kebanyakan warna polos aja.
      Kalo prewed sih saya belum nemu tuh. Kayaknya belum ada yang prewed pake baju adat juga.
      Sayang sekali saya belum bisa bantu.
      Maaf ya…
      Semoga sukses dengan TAnya🙂

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